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Let's create and capture YOUR moment...



   Hello!  My name is Aaron Gore. Born and raised in Southern California, the Olympia, WA area has been my home since 2006.  After getting married to my beautiful wife, Shemaiah, in 2000, she wisely convinced me to move here to this beautiful, wildlife filled, evergreen where we have been ever since!  Being that we have no children, we enjoy spending our time with family, friends and taking vacations as well as building the community. 


   My love for photography has grown from the time I purchased my first Kodak disposable camera and became hooked on the ability to freeze and capture precious moments in time.  After years of practice and learning how to use my tools as a photographer, along came the joys of  "Capturing the Moments" of my own family, vacations, friends and community events.  This has been my motivation for the past number of years, for me to professionally share this ability with YOU!  


  At A Pictures Worth, we specialize in capturing those special moments in life. With over 5 years of experience, we are a family owned and operated business that focuses on delivering the best quality products. We believe in creating memories that will last a lifetime and strive to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our clients.

I am passionate about photography and about helping people express themselves through the art of photography. I love people and believe in capturing moments in life while the opportunity still exists. Let us help you preserve your memories and tell your story.


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